Wear Batik UnAir, traditional and urban mood identity.

Unair-Batik Wear is a brand of jackets that seeks to exhibit contemporary pieces with cultural style. These unique pieces are made from Batik, an Indonesian fabric with 2,000 years of artisan tradition. This carefully handcrafted technique makes the UnAir jacket a collection piece for fashion lovers. Our creative solution respects the importance of the Batik natural patterns and colors.

Its only sales channel is online, so the experience of receiving the piece had to be very special.

The previous design pieces are: The previous design pieces are: A personalized "Thank You" card for purchasing the pieces,; the box for the jacket and "Thank You" card; and finally the LookBook, thought to be a balance between technical information of the piece and the design proposal from the brand.

Visual system Logo 1

Visual system Logo 2